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Third Grade Reading Level Predictive of Later Life Outcomes
Chapin Hall researchers looked at school data over time to understand how students’ third-grade reading level relates to four educational outcomes: eighth-grade...
Community Schools Positively Impact Student Outcomes
This report examines the effect of student and family use of out-of-school time, school-based health center, and family supports provided by the Elev8 Baltimore...
Foster Youth Not Receiving Needed Support to Succeed at Community College
This mixed methods study was conducted to determine the college enrollment and graduation rates among young people in foster care in Illinois and to learn more ...
Deborah Daro
Deborah Daro is a Senior Research Fellow at Chapin Hall....
March 18, 2018
Anne F. Farrell
Anne Farrell is the Director of Research at Chapin Hall....
March 18, 2018
Chapin Hall Launches Five-Year Study to Assess Chicago Scholars’ Impact
Randomized control trial will assess effect of Chicago Scholars program....
November 10, 2021
Greater Investments Needed to Support College Students with Foster Care Backgrounds
This memo takes a closer look at the types of colleges that foster youth enroll in....
Educating Homeless Children in Chicago: A Case Study of Children in the Family Regeneration Program
This study aimed to better understand the educational experiences of children in Chicago Public Schools whose families were chronically and episodically homeles...
Study of Chicago Scholars Program Will Measure Impact and Outline Cost to Replicate
May 3, 2023
Joint Research Fund Awards Announced
Two projects with Chicago Public Schools funded--one focusing on mitigating the impact of racism and the other on the effect of asthma policy on student outcome...
June 29, 2020
Career and Technical Education in Chicago Public Schools
Chapin Hall researchers are conducting a study of a cohort of Chicago Public School ninth graders who participated in Career and Technical Education while in hi...
March 19, 2018
Challenges in Rigorously Evaluating College Success Programs for Students Who Experienced Foster Care
This paper describes a formative evaluation of one college success program to assess its readiness for future rigorous evaluation....
Melissa Kull
Melissa Kull is a Senior Researcher at Chapin Hall....
March 18, 2018
New Coaching Program Supports New Mothers in College
Chapin Hall to evaluate program that provides coaching and concrete supports to new moms in college. ...
January 18, 2022
Improvements in Service System Collaboration Lead to Youth Spending More Time in Extended Foster Care
This memo examines the relationship between several county-level factors and youths’ extended foster care participation among a sample of older adolescents in C...