Chapin Hall Releases Three-Year Strategic Plan with Focus on Child Welfare, Community Capacity and Youth Homelessness

This week, Chapin Hall publicly released its three-year strategic plan. The culmination of a series of in-depth engagements with all of Chapin Hall’s staff and board, the plan brings Chapin Hall’s areas of work into greater focus, while clarifying and targeting further development of four core capabilities.

Central to the plan is the identification of three impact areas for Chapin Hall’s work:

  • Child Welfare: For decades, Chapin Hall has researched the workings of child welfare systems and their impact on children and families. Through the plan, we will deepen and grow our rigorous policy research agenda, while working directly with system leaders across the country.
  • Community Capacity: Chapin Hall works side-by-side with front-line community agencies who deliver intervention, prevention, early education, and out-of-school programs. We tailor solutions based on local data and translate evidence to guide practice.
  • Youth Homelessness: Since launching Voices of Youth Count, Chapin Hall has emerged as a national leader in ending youth homelessness. Our research-to-impact initiatives provide nuanced understanding of an underserved population and policy prescriptions based on evidence.

“More than 35 years ago, Chapin Hall began as a unique experiment – to leverage the rigors of social science research and the power of community engagement to improve the lives of children, youth, and families,” said Executive Director Bryan Samuels.

“Today, in a substantially larger Chapin Hall, we have an extensive national portfolio of innovative partnerships with government, philanthropy, and communities,” said Samuels. “Our strategic plan builds on these successes, and provides a view of our future.”

The plan also highlights targeted efforts to expand and further Chapin Hall’s ability to conduct rigorous research; integrate research with policy and decision-making; innovate in problem-solving; and influence practitioners and leaders.

Chapin Hall is also releasing a new, three-minute video about our work. Both the video and the plan can be found on the Chapin Hall website.