State, International Models Presented at 14th Annual TCOM Conference in Chicago

Administrators, clinicians, caseworkers gather to spread 'person-centered care'

About 300 professionals in child and family well-being gathered in Chicago last week to attend the 14th annual Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management conference. Person-centered care was the theme of this year’s conference, which drew both domestic and international participants.

Workshops included how to make best use of one of TCOM’s principal tools: the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths assessment, or CANS. Participants learned how to make meaningful use of CANS data, including using it for effective planning and for measuring well-being.

A key feature of every TCOM conference is a detailed look at how TCOM is applied in the field. This year, leaders from Kentucky, Idaho, Texas, and Vermont talked about how they are applying person-centered care to supporting family wellness goals in their states.

Participants also learned about the rural Mayan community of Chichicastenango, Guatemalan, where community members were asked to assess their own health and educational needs. The information from this work is being used to aid the use of TCOM tools in Hispanic and indigenous American cultures.

Also bringing an international perspective, Antonella Di Troia and Anna Didoni from Italy presented on their use of CANS in a neuropsychiatric care clinic for children and youth.

“We were looking for a way that would allow us to communicate clearly with our families what we are doing and why, and where we are heading,” said Di Troia. “And we needed to understand if we are going the right way.”

Every year, Chapin Hall leadership of the TCOM program presents awards to those who effectively use collaborative, person-centered care with children and families. The winners this year were:

  • Carroll Schroeder, Executive Director, California Alliance of Children and Family Services: Founders award for his visionary leadership in encouraging providers and systems in California to bring a transformational perspective to their work.
  • Dan Warner, Executive Director, Community Data Roundtable: Agency level award for his innovative and collaborative leadership in supporting the use of data to inform decision making in practice and policy.
  • Tanya Albornoz, Foster Care Program Administrator, and Kyla Clark, In-Home Program Administrator, Dept. of Human Services in Utah: Systems level award for their innovative adoption of communimetric and TCOM principles in the development and implementation of the UFACET in Utah.
  • Janet Hoeke and Jennifer Griffis, Parent Consultants, Youth Empowerment Services Project (ID): Family partner award for their thoughtful and persistent inclusion of parents’ perspectives in the planning and implementation of TCOM in Idaho.

The TCOM 2019 conference will be held in Palm Springs, CA.