Alyssa Broxton

Policy Analyst

Alyssa Broxton is a Policy Analyst at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago. A large portion of her portfolio focuses on the transformation of youth-serving systems, with a particular focus on individuals as part of the criminal legal system. Broxton’s work aims to improve the responses to, and experiences of youth and families involved in these systems. She is currently collaborating with the Blue-Ribbon Committee, established by Cook County Chief Judge Evans, to examine current Juvenile Temporary Detention Center procedures and outcomes. She also works closely with legal system actors at the county and state level in Illinois. Broxton has an established track record in cross-sector coordination, consensus building, and stakeholder engagement and management. She also approaches all her work from a racial equity and restorative justice lens, which informs her holistic approach to policy and implementation.

Prior to joining Chapin Hall, Broxton served as a Policy Advisor at the City of Chicago Office of the Mayor, on the Public Safety team. While there, she led the City’s Public Safety Cabinet (which is compromised of Commissioners from 18 different city departments and agencies), developed the framework for the City of Chicago’s summer safety plan, and worked to implement various paragraphs of the federal police consent decree on matters pertaining to community engagement, accountability, and transparency. Broxton also served as a Research and Policy Analyst Fellow for the U.S. Commission on Civil rights, where she focused on issues related to voting rights and prosecutorial discretion in the states of Florida and Mississippi, respectively. She also spent a part of her career in direct practice work as a Program Coordinator for Girls in the Game and as a lead mental health therapist at an inpatient behavioral health treatment center for youth.

Broxton obtained a Master of Arts in Social Work, Policy, and Practice from the University of Chicago and holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Howard University.

Master of Arts in Social Work, Policy, and Practice, University of Chicago

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Howard University