Joanna Widding

Policy Analyst

Joanna Widding is a Policy Analyst at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago. At Chapin Hall, Widding focuses on leveraging research evidence to provide effective implementation and capacity building assistance to local and state child welfare agencies across the country, with the goal of creating positive change in the lives of vulnerable children and their families. She is currently supporting jurisdictions in their efforts to identify and implement evidence-based improvement strategies and practice models.

Before joining Chapin Hall, Widding worked as Chief Consultant for Ramboll Environ US Corporation, where she consulted on public policy. Widding began her career in Ramboll Management Consulting in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she led model development, implementation and evaluations of social programs initiated by the Danish Government. Widding has expertise in child welfare and social policy, as well as developing social programs through data-supported decision making, continuous quality improvement, and design thinking methods.

Widding received her Master of Science Degree and Bachelor of Science Degree in Anthropology from University of Copenhagen in Denmark.