Rose Geoghegan

Associate Researcher (Data Analytics)

Rose Geoghegan is an Associate Researcher (Data Analytics) at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago. Her work involves using linked administrative data to better understand the needs of economically disadvantaged families, then partnering with external stakeholders to help translate those insights into evidence-based policy. Her current portfolio includes several facets of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Data Innovations project, including pilot programs to improve data literacy among state TANF staff and an analysis of intergenerational poverty among TANF participants. Geoghegan’s contributions include using R and SQL to help merge and assemble large administrative datasets, conduct statistical analysis, and perform inferential and predictive modeling. She also participates in the development of research protocols and design. Geoghegan’s work is grounded in her lived experience with housing insecurity, minimum wage work, and food assistance. She is deeply committed to improving conditions for vulnerable families, and to ensuring their voices are represented in research and policy.

Prior to coming to Chapin Hall, Geoghegan was a Senior Academic Editor at Cambridge Proofreading, where she oversaw review of journal articles in the social and biological sciences. Her earlier research interests include the neurobiological links between early-life toxic stress and adverse health outcomes in adulthood. Geoghegan previously worked as a Research Assistant to Dr. Cecilia Martinez-Torteya in the Better Outcomes in Neurodevelopment lab at DePaul University, where she gained experience working with human research participants.

Geoghegan holds a Master of Science in Applied Statistics from Loyola University Chicago, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology: Cognitive Neuroscience from DePaul University.

Master of Science in Applied Statistics, Loyola University Chicago

Bachelor of Science in Psychology: Cognitive Neuroscience, DePaul University