Claire Kimberly

Policy Analyst

Dr. Claire Kimberly is a Policy Analyst at Chapin Hall. She takes a strengths-based, systemic approach to understand and support families and children, and is passionate about translating research evidence into actionable changes. Kimberly has experience conducting mixed methods research, evaluating programs, analyzing administrative data, and partnering with public and nonprofit agencies to connect research to policy and practice. Current projects include formalizing statewide CQI plans, building evidence-based practices to prepare for Family First implementation, and developing, implementing, and evaluating Kinship Navigator Programs.

Prior to coming to Chapin Hall, Kimberly was a tenured professor at the University of Southern Mississippi in the Department of Child and Family Sciences, a consultant with multiple non-profits, and a data analyst for Virginia’s Department of Social Services. Her work includes using quantitative and qualitative methods to provide stakeholders with actionable information to improve outcomes for vulnerable children, youth, and families, and the systems serving them. In her capacity as a consultant, she successfully formed partnerships between educators, researchers, and community leaders to support positive youth development. Products of this work have been utilized in educational, hospital, therapeutic, faith-based, and child welfare settings. Kimberly has particular expertise in building university and community-based partnerships, which promotes her collaborative approach to research, evaluation, and practice.

Kimberly holds a PhD and Master’s degree in Family Science from the University of Kentucky and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Samford University. Kimberly is a certified family life educator.

PhD in Family Science, University of Kentucky

Master’s Degree in Family Science, University of Kentucky

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, Samford University

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