Our Capabilities

Chapin Hall is dedicated to the idea that evidence should drive decisions.

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Decision makers like caseworkers, community leaders, agency directors, and legislators need to know what works to improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities, especially those experiencing disproportionate exposure to adversity. That’s where Chapin Hall steps in. Chapin Hall combines rigorous research to generate evidence and supports implementation of tested methods in the field.

Experts work alongside community and agency partners to build more effective services and systems, accelerate the use of evidence in practice, and better serve children, youth, and families.

Chapin Hall engages in direct, purposeful collaboration. We partner with all levels of government, non-profit organizations, philanthropists, fellow researchers, and others who work tirelessly to address challenges facing children, youth, and families in the United States and beyond.

A commitment to equity

We are committed to working toward solutions at every level. We recognize that centuries of racially biased laws, policies, and practices in public systems have resulted in inequitable treatment and perpetuated ongoing trauma in communities of color. We challenge ourselves and our partners to be vigilant about how we leverage data produced by systems steeped in institutional biases—including the information we collect, from whom we collect it, how we collect it, from what perspective we make meaning of it, and for what benefit or goal analysis is used. Further, we have an obligation to use data and evidence responsibly and transparently to inform an understanding of inequity, to bring to light the assets and contributions of marginalized communities, and work to build resilience and capacity.  

We are committed to shaping an equitable society and working toward policy changes that protect and promote the interests of people of color. In all our work, we aim to produce relevant, timely, and actionable solutions, and support partners in developing practical tools and strategies based on evidence.

For more information about Chapin Hall’s capabilities, see our key projects and research.

A commitment to privacy and transparency

Chapin Hall serves as a steward of administrative data from numerous public agencies. In this role, we ensure the security of those data, maintaining protocols to guarantee confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Data are used only with the expressed permission of the source agency; for the explicit purpose approved by the agency; and to benefit the agency and the individuals and families it serves. Research using those data is aligned with Chapin Hall’s mission, relevant to the data sharing partner agency, and reviewed by the Institutional Review Board, which is responsible for the protection of human research participants.

As an independent, nonpartisan policy research center, Chapin Hall adheres to the values of science, meeting the highest standards of ethics, integrity, rigor, and objectivity in its research, analyses, and reporting. An important element of our integrity is meeting the benchmark set by our Conflict of Interest Policy. Learn more about the principles that drive our work in our Statement of Independence

A commitment to dissemination

Chapin Hall is committed to the effective dissemination of research into the field of child and family well-being. We follow four evidence-based phases with each research and policy release: planning, translation and packaging, strategic dissemination, and evaluation. We understand dissemination as a process rather than a singular event and we are committed to engaging in that process to accelerate the positive impact that evidence can have on policy and practice. Learn more about Chapin Hall’s approach to dissemination. 

Work with us

We encourage you to reach out to one of our experts, further explore our key projects, or make a general inquiry. Thank you for your interest in using research and evidence to drive solutions to our most pressing challenges.