Jamie McClanahan

Associate Researcher

Jamie McClanahan is an Associate Researcher with Chapin Hall whose current work is focused on the Tennessee Accountability Center, established by the consent decree in the Brian A. vs. Haslam lawsuit in Tennessee. The Tennessee Accountability Center provides public reporting on key measures of performance for the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services in order to strengthen the Department’s ability to make knowledge-driven policy and practice decisions to improve outcomes for the children and families the Department serves. In her work for the Tennessee Accountability Center, McClanahan conducts quantitative analyses of the Department’s administrative data, develops new analytic resources for the Department from its administrative data, and produces semiannual public reports that summarize the knowledge gained from the analysis of administrative data. McClanahan also collaborates with the Department in its work to improve its Continuous Quality Improvement system, ensuring that it is built on a coherent set of structures, functions, policies, and procedures that facilitate the quality review process.

Prior to joining Chapin Hall, McClanahan worked for the court-appointed technical assistance committee and monitor of the Brian A. vs. Haslam lawsuit. In that position, McClanahan gained 15 years of experience in applying data from longitudinal analytic files and from other sources, such as quantitative and qualitative case file reviews, to evaluation of the child welfare system reform efforts in Tennessee.

McClanahan holds a Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She received her Bachelor of Science in German Language and Literature from Wellesley College.

Master of Science in Social Work, University of Tennessee in Knoxville

Bachelor of Science in German Language and Literature, Wellesley College

Wulczyn, F., Orlebeke, B., Hislop, K., Schmits, F., McClanahan, J., & Huang, L. (2018). The dynamics of foster home recruitment and retention. Chicago, IL: Center for State Child Welfare Data, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago.