Jennifer Gaul-Stout

Associate Policy Analyst

Dr. Jennifer Gaul-Stout is an Associate Policy Analyst with Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago. Gaul-Stout’s various projects support the work conducted within the Child Welfare Implementation Collaborative. Currently, her portfolio focuses on working with jurisdictions to implement the Family First Prevention and Services Act with a special focus on Concrete and Economic Supports. Gaul-Stout’s contributions include project management, conducting policy analysis and literature reviews, and designing project evaluation methodologies. She is especially interested in stakeholder engagement strategies and mitigating power differentials in engagement.

Prior to joining Chapin Hall, Gaul-Stout was at Marquette University, where she conducted qualitative research through discursive analysis and utilized a wide variety of theoretical frameworks to study the nexus of community engagement, activism, and policy-making processes. She has extensive experience in synthesizing complex issues across various case studies to create deliverables and present information to a wide variety of stakeholders, collecting and managing large data sets for multiple ongoing research projects, and fostering relationships with community groups.

Gaul-Stout holds a PhD in Educational Policy and Leadership from Marquette University, Master’s degree in Education from Mount Mary University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Carthage College.

PhD in Educational Policy and Leadership, Marquette University

Master’s Degree in Education, Mount Mary University

Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, Carthage College

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