Sean Hyland

Associate Policy Analyst

Sean Hyland is an Associate Policy Analyst at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago. Broadly, Hyland’s research and professional interests are rooted in developing policy solutions that allow underserved communities to escape poverty, improve social mobility, and achieve better health and educational outcomes. At Chapin Hall, Hyland collaborates with policymakers, philanthropic foundations, and child welfare agencies across the country to implement the Family First Prevention Services Act. As part of this work, Hyland conducts policy research, provides capacity-building support, and plans projects. He is particularly interested in applying evidence-based, trauma-informed practices and continuous quality improvement strategies to better support families and build healthy communities.

Prior to joining Chapin Hall, Hyland worked in Washington, DC, where he analyzed policy trends and public sentiment for clients in the environmental health, aerospace, financial, and technology industries. He gained additional policy research and operations experience through his work with the Civic Education Project, a leadership and civic engagement program co-hosted by UC Berkeley, Northwestern University, and Johns Hopkins University. Hyland regularly provides research and writing support to academics, authors, and journalists in the fields of public policy, international relations, and history, and has coauthored multiple peer-reviewed manuscripts on the political economy of sport.

Hyland holds a Master of Arts in American Studies from Brown University.

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