Statement of Independence

Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that engages in research and dissemination to inform public and private decision-makers and evidence-based policies and practices to improve the lives of children, youth, and families. Chapin Hall adheres to the values of science, meeting the highest standards of ethics, integrity, rigor, and objectivity in its research, analyses, and reporting.

In all its work, Chapin Hall commits to:

Transparency and Oversight

  • Describe clearly and with transparency sources, methods, and findings.
  • Protect and ensure the rights of human research participants.
  • Seek ethical approval for research activities from the governing Institutional Review Board. Staff apply to and/or register each project with the IRB regarding the determination of research status.
  • Solicit internal and external peer review and provide opportunity for feedback on and co-interpretation of our findings before they are considered fin