Joint Research Fund Awards Announced

Chapin Hall and University of Chicago announce funding for three projects for 2018-2019

The University of Chicago and Chapin Hall are awarding $200,000 from the UChicago-Chapin Hall Joint Research Fund to three research teams. These awards foster long-term policy-relevant research collaborations between the University and Chapin Hall, while supporting outstanding work that leads to new directions in policy and practice aligned with Chapin Hall’s mission to promote the well-being of children, youth and families.

The projects awarded are:

  • Evaluating the Clinical Implementation of the Infant Crying and Parent Well-Being Screening Tool. Tiffany Burkhardt, Chapin Hall Researcher, and Bree Andrews, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Biological Sciences Division/Pediatrics, received $25,000 to conduct this research between April 2018 and March 2019.
  • Improving Services & Policies for Incarcerated Mothers & Their Children in Illinois.
    Amy Dworsky, Chapin Hall Research Fellow, and Gina Fedock, Assistant Professor, School of Social Service Administration received $88,800 to conduct this research between April 2018 and September 2019.
  • How Child Care and Early Education Supply in Chicago Shapes Latino Parents’ Child Care Decisions. Jiffy Lansing, former Chapin Hall Senior Researcher, and Julia Henly, Associate Professor, School of Social Service Administration, received $86,200 to conduct this research between April 2018 and March 2020.

“My role as Provost is to support all members of the University’s community of scholars, their shared ideals, and the core values that make the University a singular intellectual destination,” said Daniel Diermeier, Provost at the University of Chicago. “The Joint Research Fund provides an opportunity for UChicago and Chapin Hall scholars to collaborate on policy-focused rigorous research to improve the lives of children and families.”

The Joint Research Fund received proposals from partnerships of faculty across the University and Chapin Hall research and policy staff. The Joint Research Fund Steering Committee, made up of appointees from both entities, reviewed the proposals.

“The University and Chapin Hall know research must be brought to bear on real-life experiences,” added Bryan Samuels, Executive Director of Chapin Hall. “These partnerships indicate a joint desire to create and apply knowledge to accelerate positive change for children. These projects—examining the experiences of incarcerated mothers, studying how Latino parents make decisions about child care, and evaluating a tool for reducing infant crying—move us closer to resolving challenges faced by children and families.”

Interested parties are invited to contact the Joint Research Fund for more information.