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Elissa Gitlow is a Researcher at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago. Her work centers on research and evaluation efforts that support children and families. Gitlow has primarily worked on projects related to evidence-based home visiting, pregnant and parenting youth, child welfare, and early intervention and prevention. Her current work includes evaluations of a DCFS pilot to support pregnant and parenting youth in care with home visiting services, a DCFS evaluation pertaining to the National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD), and an evaluation of the Fussy Baby Network® Facilitating Attuned Interactions (FAN) training and implementation with home visiting staff. She recently worked on the Voices of Youth Count (VoYC) project and a DCFS evaluation of the Immersion Sites.

Prior to joining Chapin Hall, Gitlow worked at CASA of Cook County as an Advocate Supervisor, Director of Child Advocacy, and as the program’s Executive Director. At CASA, Gitlow was responsible for the implementation of the CASA program, as well as for the supervision of program staff and advocate volunteers.

Gitlow received her MS in Social Work from Columbia University. She received her BS in Political Science and Sociology from New York University.

MS in Social Work, Columbia University

BS in Political Science and Sociology, New York University

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Key Work

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