Jasmine Jackson

Visual Information Specialist

Jasmine Jackson is the Visual Information Specialist at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago. Jackson collaborates with researchers, policy staff, and the Communications team to translate complex data and research findings into engaging visuals that effectively convey key insights. Jackson’s visuals bridge the gap between research and practice and ensure that important findings reach policymakers, practitioners, and the wider public. She has a diverse skill set, including graphic design, data visualization, photography, and videography. Her work has been used in research reports, policy briefs, presentations, and online platforms to engage Chapin Hall’s audiences.

Internally, Jackson focuses on building the staff’s visual capacity. She uses her expertise to create and provide accessible tools and techniques. She also conducts trainings on best practices for data visualizations and visually compelling presentation slide decks. Jackson takes the lead in developing visually appealing materials that align with Chapin Hall’s brand identity, ensuring consistency and professionalism. Her collaborative approach fosters an environment of continuous learning, empowering Chapin Hall staff to effectively present information and engage diverse stakeholders.

Prior to coming to Chapin Hall, Jackson was the Visual Communications Coordinator at the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) of Northeastern Illinois, where she made significant contributions to enhancing the organization’s visual identity and communication strategies. At RTA, Jackson developed visual content that conveyed complex transportation information to diverse audiences.

Jackson holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Photography from Winthrop University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising Art Direction from Columbia College Chicago.

Bachelor’s degree in Advertising Art Direction, Columbia College, Chicago

Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Photography, Winthrop University

National Association of Government Communicators’ Blue Pencil and Gold Screen Award