Monthly ChapInsights Alerts Child and Family Well-being Field to New Evidence

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Every month, Chapin Hall sends out a short bulletin to thousands of practitioners, policy makers and scholars about our latest evidence and tools for the field. ChapInsights, typically fewer than 500 words, is rich in content and circulated the second Tuesday of the month.

“We are all about elevating evidence,” said Marrianne McMullen, Chapin Hall’s Director of Communication and Dissemination. “But we know that evidence has to be shared in a way that’s succinct and usable. Our goal is to reach out to busy people in the field with information that they can access in just a few minutes.”

The monthly newsletter features stories about the latest studies produced by Chapin Hall. The studies written by our experts are focused on foster youth, youth experiencing homelessness, juvenile justice, early childhood and many other topics related to child and family well-being.

News items also feature the latest tools developed by our policy staff to help local child welfare jurisdictions and non-profits apply evidence in their day-to-day practice. (For an example of these tools, see the Family First Planning & Readiness Toolkit.)  ChapInsights also features where our published research is showing up in the news.

By signing up for ChapInsights, you will be among the first to learn of relevant, timely, and actionable solutions facing children, youth, and their families. Chapin Hall believes that collaboration among researchers, policy makers, and implementers at all levels is key to creating better systems for families. ChapInsights is one way to keep these professionals connected. Please subscribe today.

For more information about this newsletter and other communication and dissemination efforts at Chapin Hall, contact Marrianne McMullen.