Xiaomeng Zhou

Senior Researcher

Xiaomeng Zhou is a Senior Researcher at Chapin Hall. She works with the New York City Administration for Children’s Services on the evaluation of its contracted residential care placements. She also assists the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services in the development and implementation of performance-based contracting initiatives and manages various TN Accountability Center’s research activities to monitor and evaluate child welfare outcomes in TN. She has extensive experience in research design, longitudinal data analysis, and program evaluation in the child welfare field, with a focus on child protection and juvenile court systems.

Prior to joining Chapin Hall, Zhou worked at the UNICEF China office for nearly 3 years. At UNICEF, she managed national-scale research and pilot projects in the areas of child poverty, social protection, and child protection, where she developed a deep understanding of the practical application of the child policies on various communities in China. Prior to working at UNICEF, Zhou was a Researcher at Chapin Hall. She was a key evaluator for the program evaluation of a 5-year random assignment experimental design research project on child representation in the states of Washington and Georgia. She also contributed to a multiyear Australia–New South Wales longitudinal study, leading the development and analyses of foster children’s maltreatment and placement longitudinal data. She also served as a key researcher on the Child Welfare Metrics Project and Research Support for Performance Improvement for New York State Office of Court Administration, Fiscal Analysis for the Evaluation of Ohio’s Title IV-E Waiver Demonstration Project, and Multistate Foster Care Profile Project funded by Casey Family Program.

Zhou holds a Master of Public Policy degree from the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago.

Master of Public Policy, Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago


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