Driving Change for Oak Park Children

Chapin Hall’s integrated data base anchors local effort to improve early education

The Oak Park Collaboration for Early Childhood is committed to “making sure that all children in our local community (birth to age 5) arrive at kindergarten safe, healthy, ready to succeed, and eager to learn.” Key initiatives include the advancement of:

  • Parent information and support
  • High quality preschool for all children
  • Professional development for early program staff
  • Developmental screening for all children birth to 5 years

Since 2013, Chapin Hall has partnered with this Collaboration in a Chicago suburb to help guide program and practice in early childhood care and education. This partnership, which includes school district 97 and the Village of Oak Park, continuously monitors key indicators in child outcomes, service outcomes and system outcomes for the community.

Chart describing early childhood coalition members and relationships.

At the heart of this continuous assessment is the integrated database created and managed by Chapin Hall. This database is a powerful resource that continuously weaves state and local information together to give researchers and educators a clearer view of events. Collaboration staff, armed with quantitative evidence and expert analysis, can map trends, analyze changes and respond to new developments.

The Collaboration is strengthening its capacity to ensure that the most vulnerable children — those with developmental delays and financial hardships — receive the interventions they need most. Chapin Hall’s analysis identifies areas where the community can improve its services to these children.

As a result of its evidence-driven program improvements, the Oak Park project has been cited as an innovative model for other communities wishing to improve their early childhood program. Dr. Robert Goerge has led Chapin Hall’s work in Oak Park.

For more information, visit the Oak Park Collaboration website or contact Dr. Goerge.