Family First Evidence-Based Practices Exploration and Cost Tool

This tool is designed to help jurisdictions select evidence-based programs or practices (EBPs) for their Family First prevention plan.

The tool provides overviews of each EBP along with a survey tool. The survey tool can be used to match program fit and usability based on target population, program goals, evidence rating, program intensity and duration, program cost, staffing and training requirements, and other factors. This tool also includes worksheets for each EBP to help determine program cost based on the projected number of families and children to be served and the number of provider agencies, teams, and individual staff involved.

The information in this tool was gathered through collaborative meetings with each EBP’s developer. The cost estimates are intended as a starting point for jurisdictions before engaging the model developers as a next step.

To view a video introduction to the tool, please press the play button below for the YouTube video. To download the tool, press the blue action button at the bottom of the page.

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