New tools released by Chapin Hall help health care providers address social needs

Health care providers are increasingly serving families whose economic and social needs are escalating due to COVID-19. Today, Chapin Hall is releasing two Practice Bulletins with evidence-based tips on how health care providers can sensitively and effectively engage families about their social needs and referrals to ensure that they get the services they need.

This work builds on recent research conducted by Chapin Hall that has shown the potential of addressing toxic stress and social determinants of health in pediatric primary care settings.

The two bulletins released today are:

“We know that asking about social needs—rather than waiting for families to volunteer this information—is critical to addressing early childhood adversity,” said Dr. Julie McCrae, a senior researcher at Chapin Hall. “It leads to more referrals and a positive healthcare experience for families.”

The brief bulletins, McCrae said, give pediatric clinics and other providers a tool to apply evidence about how to talk with families about their circumstances and discuss options for referrals as they confront the impacts of the pandemic.

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Download Practice Bulletins

Conversations with Families provides thoroughly sourced practice recommendations for having empathetic conversations with families to assess social needs. Community Resources for Patients provides strategies for health care providers to identify the services that patients and their families need.