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Research and projects that look at community-based organizations’ impacts on youth outcomes.

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Community Systems and Youth

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Pilot Study of Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation in Illinois Finds Benefits
This report describes the results of a 15-month pilot study of the Illinois Model of IECMHC with 4 public health departments in the state of Illinois
Illinois Model of Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Improves Staff Reflective Capacity, Classroom Climate
We conducted a 3-year pilot study of the Illinois Model of IECMHC with 23 early childhood programs, including child care, pre-K, and home visiting.
Partnering to Improve Child Care Policy
Chapin Hall was awarded a federal grant to develop a Child Care Policy Research Partnership with numerous statewide organizations to improve child care in...
December 17, 2020
Chicago Latino Communities Face Limited Supply and Other Barriers to Accessing Child Care to Meet Their Needs
This study explores how Latino families living in predominantly Latino communities in Chicago make childcare decisions relative to the density of formal care...
Trauma a Contributing Factor to Youth Moving From Child Welfare System to Juvenile Justice System
This study explores the role of trauma, child welfare involvement, and other factors among youth who crossed over from the child welfare system into the...
Joint Research Fund Awards Announced
Two projects with Chicago Public Schools funded--one focusing on mitigating the impact of racism and the other on the effect of asthma policy on student...
June 29, 2020
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