University of Chicago-Chapin Hall Joint Research Fund

Partnerships to promote the well-being of children

The University of Chicago and Chapin Hall provide up to $200,000 annually to support outstanding research that investigates and leads to new directions in policy and practice aimed at promoting the well-being of children, families, and communities.

“Through the Joint Research Fund, University scholars and Chapin Hall’s applied research and policy experts blend unique perspectives and design studies intended to improve the lives of children and families,” said University Provost Daniel Diermeier. “The Fund is one example of a myriad of ways in which the University of Chicago supports faculty engagement in solving issues that face our communities today.”

Now in its sixth year, the Joint Research Fund fosters long-term policy-relevant research collaborations between Chapin Hall researchers and policy staff and University researchers with an academic research or tenure track appointment. Each project must have a representative of each institution. More details are available in the Joint Research Fund Request for Proposals. Applications are evaluated by the Joint Research Fund Steering Committee, which is composed of appointees from Chapin Hall and the University.


The application cycle for Joint Research Fund awards opens on Tuesday, October 9, 2018. Applications, via the online application form, are due Friday, January 18, 2019. Announcements about the awards will be made in mid-March. Please download the timeline for more information on the application and award process.

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Resources, including links to the Request for Proposals, the application platform, FAQs, and more can be accessed below.

• Joint Research Fund application

Joint Research Fund announcement

Joint Research Fund FAQ

Joint Research Fund RFP

Joint Research Fund Timeline

Previous Joint Research Fund awards 

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